Thursday, August 18, 2005

Remember the White Bicycle Thing?

Commit random acts of literacy! Crossing is funwhen you've enjoyed a story, do you REALLY want it to sit gathering dust on a shelf ad infinitum?If not, liberate it on an unsuspecting worldJoin Book Crossing & register the bookPut one of their labels in the bookrelease it - leave it to be found by a friendly passer-byfollow its progress on its intergalactic travels by tracking it on the websiteSounds like anarchy, sounds like funGo on - spoil yourself Go get book crossed!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Story So Far

Below, you will find a selection of books we want to offload.
There'll be plenty more added in the coming days. CDs and records too soon. And probably some other stuff too.
Please check archived items by clicking on the right as they disappear off the bottom of the page after a while.
All items listed are still available unless they are clearly marked 'GONE' so don't be afraid to make an offer for something that's been listed for a while.
Make your offers - cash, swap or good reason you need it anyway by emailing
I'm waiting to hear from you!

Monty Python's Guide to the Galaxy????

'Starship Titanic' by Terry Jones, based on an idea by Douglas Adams

US 1st Edition (hardback) 1997

no panicking please...

...just email

to get your paws on it

If it doesn't work, then hit them with the book!

Hap-ki-do self defence for women

'HANDS OFF!' by Frederick Adams & Gillian Webster - Jarrold 1986

Digging up the past

(first published in 1883 by Sampson Low)
Bracken Books 1994

Hardback Reference Tool leading to Stiffback Too!

Help us get rid of ours please

Mummy... What's a Pambe?

Find out by looking it up in the

Brockhampton Reference 'Dictionary of Music' (1995)

- then you'll never be in the dark on matters musical again!

Draw Pard'ner

Let's Draw Cats Dogs and Other Animals
by: Jane Robertson
Text by Sue Pinkus

Bloomsbury Books - this hardback edition 1993
140 pages - dozens of different animals to draw.


'Microwave Dough Craft' More than 50 original salt dough projects - Alison Jenkins (Apple 1996)

There are books about everything under the Sun. This is one you didn't know you needed!

Let's Talk about Sex

' Let's Talk about Sex, Growing Up, Changing Bodies, Sex and Sexual Health'
Sex Education book for kids written by Robie H Harris illustrated by Michael Embersley, published by Walker Books (1994)
This paperback edition 1995

We don't need it any more!

If you can use it, let us know.

We'll let you see ours if you show us yours!


I have an Insight (paperback) Guide on Japan (1992) - 425 pages, very attractively illustrated

Looking for similar (Insight, Rough Guide, Lonely Planet, etc) for Malta

Would be a perfect swap

But buying/selling is OK too

Hard Read???

Tim Sebastion novels in large paperback format

'Exit Berlin' Bantam, 1992

'Special Relations' Orion, 1994

If you want them, come and get them!

Faber fiction

A couple of modern novels here

'The Open Fields' - Chun-Chan Yeh, 1988

'Moonrise, Moonset' - Tadeusz Konwicki, 1988

Both hardback first UK editions

Make us an offer for one or both

I Wanna......

.....bat detector

If you have 1 that's surplus to requirement please let me know

pehaps we can come to some sort of exchange agreement!

Pussy Galore

Another book to unload.....

'Why Cats Paint' - a theory of feline aesthetics
by Heather Busch & Burton Silver (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) 1994

The book that started a whole new area of culture

What's it all about?

There's only one way to find out....

...make me an offer

Monday, August 08, 2005

First Post

A book.....

The Secret Country - Janet & Colin Bord. Elek Books. Hardback. 1st Edition 1976
UK Phenomena, UFOs, Ancient Religion, Ley Lines etc - lots of great photos

Any interest - offers?

What's this one is all about then?????

We're always trying to clear stuff out, but don't necessarily want to chuck it away or give everything away.

I can't be bothered with e-bay - all that postage and opportunity for things to go wrong.

So I thought : "Why not set up my own stuff shop on the net but keep it fairly low key and mainly local?"

So what I'm gonna do is this

I'm going to list stuff I've got that I don't want and see who's interested - you can offer to buy or swap or I may be happy to just give it to a good home

If you fancy swapping - I'll consider almost anything that's interesting and ideally doesn't take up too much room!

I'm particularly interested in old CDs & vinyl - all sorts - books, games, videos & DVDs
oh yes - and a snooker/pool table!

So if you see something listed here you fancy - just email me
and we can negotiate

If you're outside the Brighton area - it may be we can still do business - it'll take a bit of trust & organisation but we can at least attempt to come to terms with any obstacles in our paths!