Monday, August 08, 2005

What's this one is all about then?????

We're always trying to clear stuff out, but don't necessarily want to chuck it away or give everything away.

I can't be bothered with e-bay - all that postage and opportunity for things to go wrong.

So I thought : "Why not set up my own stuff shop on the net but keep it fairly low key and mainly local?"

So what I'm gonna do is this

I'm going to list stuff I've got that I don't want and see who's interested - you can offer to buy or swap or I may be happy to just give it to a good home

If you fancy swapping - I'll consider almost anything that's interesting and ideally doesn't take up too much room!

I'm particularly interested in old CDs & vinyl - all sorts - books, games, videos & DVDs
oh yes - and a snooker/pool table!

So if you see something listed here you fancy - just email me
and we can negotiate

If you're outside the Brighton area - it may be we can still do business - it'll take a bit of trust & organisation but we can at least attempt to come to terms with any obstacles in our paths!


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